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Dajaz1.com’s Terms of Service

Dajaz1.com is Your Favorite DJ’s Favorite Website. If it’s your favorite, too, it’s probably because you love music as much as they do—and as much as we do! Dajaz1.com is proud of helping music lovers like you find your next favorite artists and next favorite songs as well as helping artists find their new fans. Dajaz1.com thanks all the artists,
dj’s, promoters, and other members of the music community that provide or let us know about the music and information that make this site great.

By using and/or visiting Dajaz1.com, including all content and functionality available through the Dajaz1.com domain name, you signify your agreement to these terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”). If you do not agree to any part of the Terms of Service, please do not use Dajaz1.com.

General Use
If you use this site for any purpose other than submitting information or content to the site, you agree that you shall engage in such use only for your personal, noncommercial purposes and not for any purpose of competing with, or otherwise researching or investigating, this site. You agree that any such use of this site for purposes of competing with it or researching or investigating it is unauthorized. If you wish to use this site for purposes of competition with it, or for research or investigation of it, please contact us for specific permission to use this site in
that fashion, which permission we may grant or deny in our absolute discretion. Any use of this site in violation of this provision constitutes fraud and may also constitute violation of several laws.

Dajaz1.com again wants to thank all the artists, dj’s, and promoters that put us onto new music, news, and other information. By sending us anything directly or indirectly by any means whatever (including but not limited to music, videos, images, text, links, or other information), (1) you agree that you are authorizing Dajaz1.com to use that content in our discretion, including by publishing it, storing it, transmitting it, providing links to it, posting it on the website, streaming it, and/or linking to it; and (2) you represent that you own all rights necessary to
authorize Dajaz1.com to use the material or information, or that you are an authorized representative of the owner(s) of all rights necessary to authorize Dajaz1.com to use the material or information, and you do in fact authorize Dajaz1.com to use the material or information as described here. If you do not own or represent an owner of all the rights sufficient to authorize Dajaz1.com’s use of the material or information, do not submit any material or information to Dajaz1.com. In that case, contact us before submitting material or information to discuss your
particular circumstances, needs, and desires. Similarly, if you own or represent all rights to authorize Dajaz1.com to use the material or information but do not wish Dajaz1.com to use the material or information to the fullest extent authorized by these Terms of Service, please contact us before submitting material or information.

You agree that Dajaz1.com may use any material or information that you submit in its sole discretion, except that Dajaz1.com shall not (without your express permission) sell access to downloads or transmissions for a price that applies to a particular download or stream. You understand that Dajaz1.com may in its discretion, now or at any time in the future, exploit any material or information you submit (a) in order to attract users, (b) to generate advertising revenue, (c) to generate subscription revenue, (d) to attract donations, (e) to market or promote products or services, (f) to refer users to other sites and to collect referral or syndication revenue, or (g) to monetize its business in any other way apart from charging fees for access to specific downloads or transmissions of specific works. You agree that this authorization does not constitute an admission that Dajaz1.com actually engages in any of those activities; it merely constitutes your acknowledgement that Dajaz1.com may engage in those activities if it chooses to do so.

You further agree not to use these services in harmful ways including: (1) to transmit files containing viruses, spyware, adware, or other harmful code; or (2) submitting any material designed to impede, impair or otherwise harm Dajaz1.com, its owners, or its users.

Assistance to Copyright Owners
We stand ready to work with copyright owners to protect their rights. If you are a copyright owner or an owner’s agent and believe that any material or activity available on or through Dajaz1.com infringes upon your copyrights, please review Dajaz1.com’s notification procedures and contact information: http://dajaz1.com/copyright-policy. It is also Dajaz1.com’s policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to disable and/or terminate accounts of users who repeatedly infringe copyright rights.

Links to Other Sites
Dajaz1.com may provide access to sites or services maintained or controlled by others, whether we do so by hyperlinks to, inline links to, advertisements for, or transmissions from those sites or services. You agree that we are not responsible for and do not routinely screen, approve, review, or endorse the material that may be offered at those or any other websites or services. Dajaz1.com advises you to review the individual websites, materials, and policies of each external site or service that you use.

Copyright Policy
These Terms of Service incorporate this Dajaz1’s copyright policy, which is available here http://dajaz1.com/copyright.