Arya Stark Dances To Beyonce, Ciara & LMFAO (Video)

Check out this video of members of the Susan Hill School of Dance, including Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, spontaneously putting on a show in the streets of Bath. She’s easily the star of the video, but, considering she’s so young, some of these moves are…

Jay-Z On Obama’s Support For Gay Marriage (Video)

Following the press conference and announcement for his upcoming Made In America music festival earlier today, Jay-Z sat down with CNN to discuss President Obama’s recent support of same sex marriage. Hov says that it’s the right thing to do whether or not it ends up costing him votes. He compares…

Murs Interviews DJ Quik (Video)

After interviewing Kendrick Lamar a few weeks ago, rapper Murs sits down with DJ Quik. It’s not so much an interview, but like the Kendrick one, it’s very much a free flowing conversations. Two cats from the LA area reminiscing on making it in the game, gangster rap’s affect on…

Tito Lopez – Pressure (Venting Session #5)

Tito Lopez is back, and we’re not complaining. Check out his fifth venting session, entitled “Pressure”. Sidebar: He says “everything I drop is perfect like Pixar”. He must have not seen Cars 2 a.k.a. the worst movie in the history of ever.

Ab-Soul Interview with Good*Fella Media (Video)

Ab-Soul sits down with Good Fella Media to discuss why he’s always wearing sunglasses, how he was an honors/AP student in school, some of his first musical influences, and his connection to the Fugees. Ab-Soul’s Control System is on iTunes now and available for stream here.