Ryan Leslie – Lovers & Mountains (Video)

The world still hasn’t figured out that Ryan Leslie can’t really sing or rap or that his beats aren’t all that interesting if you’re not actually watching it being created, so here he is making two-minute videos for songs no one cares for.


Slim Thug & Z-Ro – Loving U

With the recent success of Future, it looks like more and more rappers will turn to singing on their records. We need more love songs people! And if anyone’s going to sing, it might as well be Houston’s Z-Ro. He and Slim Thug release the first song from their upcoming…


Cash Out – Keisha (Video)

Cash Out is still trying to make a dollar out of the fifteen cents (money puns!) that is his rap career. Here’s the video for “Keisha” from his mixtape of the same name.


50 Cent feat. Snoop Dogg & Young Jeezy — Major Distribution (Video)

50 Cent gets his goons and his girls together in all black as they get ready for “Major Distribution”. The Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy-assisted track serves as 50′s third single from his upcoming fifth album Street King Immortal. Hopefully the rest of the album showcases more of this style and…


Vado — Slime Flu 3 (Mixtape)

After releasing several records to build anticipation, Vado finally releases his Slime Flu 3 mixtape. Recently the Harlem rapper has been the center of several new signing rumors. We know that Vado is no longer with Interscope and is in search of a new situation, and now according to Miss Info, there…


Casey Veggies – Life Changes (Mixtape)

In the short span that Casey Veggies has spent in the modern rap conversation, he has released two solid mixtapes, Sleeping In Class and last year’s Customized Greatly 3, that displayed the Inglewood rapper’s growth as both a lyricist and an altogether artist. Casey doesn’t go the Top Dawg route, however, for his…


Fabolous – So NY (Official Video)

This song unfortunately feels a little dated in this point, having originally been released last fall, here’s the official VEVO-certified video for Fabolous and Just Blaze’s latest collaboration “So NY”. It looks like we’re getting the full promo push now on Fab from Def Jam for his upcoming Loso’s Way 2 album….