Dajaz1 Presents: WWE’s 2012 Slammy Awards

Slammy Dajaz1 Presents: WWEs 2012 Slammy Awards

Another year has gone by, and another year of wrestling is in the books.  This week the WWE did their annually version of the Oscars entitled The Slammys.  Recognizing the individuals and the events that made this year very memorable for the world of the WWE.  This year the E wanted to do something different,  they wanted the fans  WWE Universe to choose the winners. On Monday Night Raw, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL kept REPEATING for 3 hours, that  the only way for the ‘Universe” to vote for who they wanted was that they had to download their official app. Being a fan of the WWE for a few decades, I should have knew how this was gonna go.  So it was NO surprise to me that when I went to the app during the broadcast on Monday, the app didn’t work.  It not only didn’t work for me, it didn’t work for the majority of the people watching it as well.  And for the people that DID vote, if they didn’t choose the right person, the app would choose the right person FOR them. Just like a true Republican, Vince McMahon could give a FUCK about what the people want.  The Slammys was nothing more then to continue storylines, market the FUCK out of the WWE App, and of course..to get ratings.  We should have known better…

So we here at Dajz1 (“We” being Me), decided to have our own Slammy Awards and have categories and give awards to the people and events that really made 2012 a unforgettable year in wrestling.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy.  Here is Dajaz1′s 2012 WWE Slammy Awards..

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