Waka Flocka Featuring Meek Mill – Guns Blam

waka flocka meek mill Waka Flocka Featuring Meek Mill   Guns Blam

Convenient right ? Right after the MMG press conference, The Syndicate brings to you new music from their Waka Flocka “Baller Of The Year” mixtape called “Guns Blam”. It features Meek Mill & sounds pretty decent. Check it out below….

Mel Update: According to Waka Flocka’s twitter this is an unauthorized leak. Now I’m not sure what the deal is because lots of artists like to claim unauthorized leak when it’s fully intentional for marketing purposes, but just because he mentioned the word hackers we’re gonna go ahead and yank that shit – whether it was intentional or not. That’s a pretty good buzz word to use if you want to fuck your promotional department’s entire life though. We don’t roll like that and anyone can fuck right off for insinuating it. It’s even more ignorant when the song is clearly tagged and sitting on a mixtape. Shit’s far too real out here in these blog streets for these artists to be popping off those type of words for show or dramatic effect when reality is IF it’s really unauthorized 9 times out of 10 your own people leaked it and not “hackers”. Either way, take your hacker speak and shove it up your ass.