Tech: Monsanto Blamed For Bee Collapse Buys Top Bee Research Firm

gmo corn Tech: Monsanto Blamed For Bee Collapse Buys Top Bee Research Firm

Genetically modified Corn

The biotech company Monsanto, who’s genetically modified crops have been getting banned worldwide has earned another asterisk that money can’t buy. Monsanto is the leading biotech company when it comes to selling seeds, herbicides and pesticides to the farmers. They have mastered the art of crossbreeding seeds by taking one genetic characteristic and adding it to another seed and that plant in particular will have an uncharacteristic (unnatural) genetic trait. Lets get to the corn (86% of all corn in the US is GMO Corn as of 2011 and growing), because it has been indicated as the culprit in the mass decline of the Bee population because Monsanto has taken the gene from a bean (legume) and added it to the corn, known as MON810.
Beans (legume) produce their own pesticides (Bacillus thuringiensis) that is the reason beans must be Boiled or Soaked in water long periods of time and the water has to be discarded before human consumption, because the pesticide attacks the nervous system and kills insects instantly. Now when the gene (Bacillus thuringiensis) is added to the corn many bugs & insect that tries to feed of the corn dies also the pollen generated by Genetically modified crops have been devastating the bee population. Monsanto announced in September 29, 2012 the purchase of Beelogics a research firm committed to “restoring bee health and protecting the future of insect pollination.” Beelogics developed a product called Remembee a mechanism that blocks gene expression. In other words it is designed to alter the genes of the Bees in order to prevent the colony collapse disorder which is plaguing many farmers across the world who rely on bees to pollinate their crops. The company Beelogics had developed this technology studying Bees and the damage that the GMO (geneticily modified organisms) Corn has done to the Bee population. Monsanto has long arms in deep pockets and have been known paying it’s way out of proper testing in especially in the united states and receiving 100% control over the testing of their own gmo crops.