[Video] Jeremih Caught Lip-Synching!

Jeremih 365x450 [Video] Jeremih Caught Lip Synching!

When will they learn? While performing on South Padre Island in Texas, singer Jeremih was outed as a lip-syncher.

TMZ reports that after arriving to the concert 30 minutes late, the singer attempted to start his set off with his 50 Cent assisted track, “Down on Me.” Shortly after starting the song, the crowd realized that the crooner was using a track with the vocals intact.

What started with an empty cup being thrown quickly turned into an entirely different situation when a full drink was thrown at Jeremih. That’s all it took to make the kid walk off of the stage. Concertgoers were even further pissed when they were not granted a refund for the show.

Hit the jump for footage of the ordeal.