Ashanti – The Woman You Love (Video Sneak Peek Extended)

ashanti dajaz1 580x316 Ashanti   The Woman You Love (Video Sneak Peek Extended)

Here’s another sneak peek at Ashanti’s new video for her single “The Woman You Love”. For some reason this is the second clip & there’s still no sign of Busta Rhymes. As much as I like her & want her to come back & kill shit, it pisses me off that no one on her team has called in a choreographer so she can stop reusing those 2-3 moves over & over. Watch in this clip how many times she stomps her feet into the ground & then works her arms. Am I bugging ? Nah I’m not. Watch this video at the 43 second mark of how many times she combs her hair with her hand in this little dance sequence. Nah b, if this shows how she works those thick legs in bed & is plain as hell, then let me fantasize about someone else. The video premieres tonight on 106 & Park but for now you can watch the extended video teaser below….