Game Explains Why He Spit On His Fans

game1 580x386 Game Explains Why He Spit On His Fans

The other day video popped up showing Game spitting at his fans. You didn’t see where the spit landed but you saw the fans walking away from Game right after. He told XXL what happened in his defense…. Funny how he didn’t talk about the girl on stage getting groped by his crew. Click here in case you missed it.

“This girl and her dude were at the concert, and we had a meet and greet. It was like 100 people, plus we have to get to an after-party, so we focused on doing everything on schedule. You shake my hand, I sign one thing from each person and take a picture with each person. So, they wanted to hold up the line, and there’s other people behind ’em, and we got time constraints. They acting crazy, [saying], ‘we paid all this money and we can’t even chill!’ I guess they wanted to chill, go back to the hotel and smoke with a n-gga and be my kid’s godfather. So, security had to take them out because they got a little crazy.”

“We go to the after-party and here are these same two people. They by the VIP [area], kind of doing the heckling sh-t, and throwing sh-t, throwing Red Bull cans. But ain’t none of it hitting me. The dude starts spitting loogies and drinking sh-t and spitting it. The sh-t started getting closer and closer to where we was at. He keeps spittin’ and finally, the f-ckin’ sh-t hit me. So I went over and I f-ckin’ spit. My spit hit the f-ckin’ ground. That girl didn’t have no spit on her. The dude didn’t have no spit on him. They just saying some sh-t, making a scene, and then they left. That video don’t show me spitting on nobody. I didn’t spit on nobody, but, I definitely tried to spit on the bitch. I just missed. But I’m not the best at aiming spit. Me, to get up and spit on somebody? I’m not doing that unless I’m provoked.”