What is #Kony2012? Make Joseph Kony Famous

This video will explain who Joesph Kony is. It’s 27 minutes but don’t worry it’s interesting.

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have already tweeted their support to spread this video. I can’t front I was moved especially when Jacob talked about wanting to die and started to weep while talking about his brother but I was a little skeptical too. For starters, I’m a New Yorker so I trust nothing and no one and secondly, I happen to also believe that the movie “Wag The Dog” is how things really go down behind the scenes.

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I also think that I am either in the Matrix and/or The Truman Show (in which case it’s called The Rodiah Show.. same concept though)

Then my homeboy hits me on BBM (yes, I still have a blackberry) with all sorts of conspiracy theories about the bracelet and the identifying code, what if this is a scam..etc.

Before you hang me out to dry .. I do support this cause and I do want Kony brought to justice so I signed up on the website and posted the video on all of my social media outlets and I am writing this blog. I don’t know if I will rock the bracelet though.. it could be a tracking device. Then again.. there is a tracking device in my cell phone, my passport, my dog and my car.. soooo I may as well rock the bracelet. *shrug*

These days I don’t know what to believe.. however.. if  I am in a Truman Show situation.. (I say this to the man behind the curtain)..please let me get rich…If this is the Matrix.. please unplug me.

Actually… don’t unplug me.. I never really watched the Matrix movies so I don’t know what happens if I am unplugged..

oh screw it… unplug me..

Good Nite.




Just a little more about the Invisible Children organization because there are some aspects about IC that not everyone agrees with, including the fact that they suport military intervention (for basically humanitarian endeavors) and also that most of their profits (not a non-profit) go into filming and awareness, so that some of their films maybe juuuust a little exaggerated.

More via Visible Children:

KONY 2012 is the product of a group called Invisible Children, a controversial activist group and not-for-profit. They’ve released 11 films, most with an accompanying bracelet colour (KONY 2012 is fittingly red), all of which focus on Joseph Kony. When we buy merch from them, when we link to their video, when we put up posters linking to their website, we support the organization. I don’t think that’s a good thing, and I’m not alone.

The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them, arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda and hasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission.

Still, the bulk of Invisible Children’s spending isn’t on supporting African militias, but on awareness and filmmaking. Which can be great, except that Foreign Affairs has claimed that Invisible Children (among others) “manipulates facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.” He’s certainly evil, but exaggeration and manipulation to capture the public eye is unproductive, unprofessional and dishonest.

Military intervention may or may not be the right idea, but people supporting KONY 2012 probably don’t realize they’re supporting the Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away. If people know this and still support Invisible Children because they feel it’s the best solution based on their knowledge and research, I have no issue with that. But I don’t think most people are in that position, and that’s a problem.