Sha Stimuli- The Chills (Review)

TheChills 300x300 Sha Stimuli  The Chills (Review)Sha Stimuli just dropped his first EP “The Chills” which is part the “The Rent Tape Series”. Is it worth the $4.99? Click more to read my review.

If you know how to do the Dougie and or the Cat Daddy this probably isn’t the album for you. Sha Stimuli is a Veteran MC who could have easily sold out years ago. There is something about staying true to yourself and true to the craft *sideeye Nicki Minaj* that deserves a round of applause. There are a lot of mc’s claiming to do “real hip hop” that lack the precise balance of lyrical skills, story telling ability and undeniable flow *sideeye Common* that make people like Rakim, Biggie and Jay-z legends in this game.

Sha Stimuli has that holy trinity and he does more than deliver on this EP. Honestly the music on this album reminded me of  his first Mixtape “Let Me Show You The Way” (worth you googling and trying to find a download link).

The Chills (Broke at 30) – Maybe it’s the Biggie sample but this shit had me nodding HARD. This song is almost too real. Great way to start an album with the same name.

Never Broken Feat Markque – “I been broke but never broken” .. Stimuli gets busy on this track.  I really like the hook too. This is music for the people.

All Falls Down Feat Grafh & Mr. Probz- THIS IS MY FAVORITE JOINT! The beat is giving me a Dre feel and the dude singing the hook has a dope tone to his voice. I’m assuming Mr. Probz is the first to come in on the track and his voice is real unique. GRAFH THOUGH!! Grafh is a beast.. but y’all know this right? you have to know this.. Stimuli closes the song.. *hands up* I don’t even know what to write. This shit should be on the radio. I love it!

Getting By- Again …Stimuli is almost too real on this track… Hot song.. I was getting a lil depressed… lol. The Louis CK on the end evened it out tho. Good Shit.

Sallie Mae- I consolidated my school loans .. so Sallie Mae doesn’t call me but Direct Loan does.. lol!  This is real.. not my favorite joint but I wouldn’t skip it.

Whatever- Sha Stimuli is a great story teller. Definitely took me on a visual journey with these bars. Messed up that shorty tried to charge him for head. lol..

I Get Up Part 2- Usually toward the end of an album, the songs start to get weak but not on this album. The song arrangement is dope. Sha follows up his great storytelling abilities by flowing all over this beat. The positive message rounds out the album nicely.

Nothing Changes- This is my second favorite joint!! “Change starts with a C but it begins with you”. This is realllll shit he is spitting. Hot joint.

Paper Chase-  This is a bonus joint. I imagine Sha just threw this on here as a “this is easy to me” joint.. Reminiscent of his first mixtape.. The flow is insane! The bars… I like the beat,  a perfect way to close this album.

Cop the mixtape here. You won’t be disappointed