UMG Artist Tyga’s Album Gets Pulled For Unauthorized MLK Speech?

tygacarelessworld 580x580 UMG Artist Tygas Album Gets Pulled For Unauthorized MLK Speech?
After several delays YMCM artist Tyga is set to finally release his album, Careless World, on Feb. 21st. Well he was supposed to –  apparently retailers like Best Buy have thrown a wrench into the plan by yanking the album and returning it to the label. It also appears to have been removed from Itunes Pre-Order. According to reports the title track “Careless World” contains portions of a Martin Luther King speech and it’s use on the project is unauthorized. Kings estate has apparently sent notices to retailers asking them to halt the sale of the album and return the copies to Universal Music Group.

nfpid3 UMG Artist Tygas Album Gets Pulled For Unauthorized MLK Speech?

If these reports prove true the irony of the labels and the RIAA’s recent behavior and general position is taken to a whole new stratosphere. The audacity of them trying to steal and pirate the works of another. I demand be seized immediately. /sarcasm

In all seriousness, while the email screen shot above indicates the label is aware of and working on the situation and stating the project will “hopefully” be released in two weeks – this sucks for Tyga.

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Ultimately I’m sure this is a case of someone not doing their job and making sure the project had full clearance, but given the climate they’ve created leaving little to no room for possible error, catching them slipping is kind of amusing. It would be much more amusing if there wasn’t an artist who’s waited a long time to get his album out stuck in the middle and directly impacted. Hopefully the situation is resolved soon and Careless World hits store shelves sooner rather than later.

The true irony is A MLK’s speech should be in the public domain, but they’re not due to screwed up copyright laws.

UPDATE: Tyga is indicating that the album will be available on the 21st, so we will have to see what happens on Tuesday.

UPDATE 2: Tyga’s album has gone on sale at Itunes. I haven’t bought it yet to see if it contains the MLK speech. The Itunes version no longer has MLK on the track.  Easy to do for a digital copy, we’ll see what happens with the physical copies tomorrow.

UPDATE 3: The album is not on store shelves. Read the updated post post with visual proof