Updated: Operation In Our Sites Continues – ICE Seizes More Domain Names

seized bowl Updated: Operation In Our Sites Continues   ICE Seizes More Domain Names

Firstrowsports.tv, Firstrowsports.com, Firstrowsports.net and Soccertvlive.net are just some of the domains who woke up this morning to one of those pretty little seizure graphics this site wore for a year. Continuing with their ‘We work as the private police force for Hollywood not the people‘ policy the Dept of Justice (Who is already under investigation for cover up’s and other fuckery to the point AG Eric Holder has now been threatened with a possible Contempt of Congress charge) has begun seizing sports streaming sites just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend. Of the domains seized  for the first time the .TV extension was seized. .TV is the domain of the Islands of Tuvalu, but is ran by US based Verisign.

I’m sure many more domains will be added to the seized list in the coming hours, but it is absolutely disgusting that the DOJ continues to do this without any regard for the Constitution, collateral damage, mistakes that have already occurred.  At what point will the American public and the internet wake up to the sobering fact SOPA and PIPA like laws are already in effect and being used in the United States?  The Pro-IP Act of 2008 is being stretched to it’s absolute limits to do the exact things everyone was so concerned SOPA and PIPA would do.


Spotted: TorrentFreak

Update:  307 websites have been taken offline in total. 291 sold counterfeit NFL merchandise and the remaining sites linked to copyrighted streams.   Yonjo Quiroa, 28, of Comstock Park, MI. was arrested and charged with 1 count of criminal copyright infringement. He ran 9 of the 16 websites seized for streaming content.