Update on the Next XBox

x720 450x253 Update on the Next XBox

Although Microsoft has stated on the record that the current generation of gaming has about 5 years left in the tank, it seems that the company will be keeping up with the Miyamotos Joneses. While Nintendo fans have been awaiting the Wii U console launch [Nintendo’s next console is slated to drop this holiday season.], Microsoft is working on the next generation of its console, which is being tentatively called the Xbox 720.

According to Kotaku, Microsoft’s next iteration of its hit console will include an upgrade to Blu-Ray disc technology. The upgrade will allow for more content to be stored on each disc. In addition to the upgrade, it is rumored that Microsoft is also exploring technology that will do disallow gamers to play used games. While the move would be appreciated by game publishers, it would do nothing but anger consumers who buy used games or pass their old games off to relatives or retailers such as GameStop.

Kotaku also reports that the next version of the Kinect may be packaged with the console . The Kinect would sport a processor that would make it easier to detect motion. Users may also be due to get a smaller controller when the console, which is rumored by IGN to be at least eight times more powerful than the 360, goes on sale in late 2013-early 2014.