Hilariously Ironic – Swizz Beatz is the CEO of MegaUpload….

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Yeah.. remember the uproar over the Megaupload song? If not, lets recap. Megaupload considered the worst of the worst by the RIAA and the MPAA came out with a viral video including artists like Diddy, Kanye West, Will.I.Am, and more. Enraged the entitlement industry who thinks that all rules do not apply to them, most specifically Universal Music Group abused a claused in their Google/Vevo contract to take down the video and essentially scrub it from the internet. Illegally. Initially they claimed they they had a copyright claim, but really it just turned out they didn’t like it so they decided to use their position to censor content they didn’t like. Megaupload rightfully sued.

Google wasn’t having it. The video was placed back on YouTube where it enjoys millions and millions of ironic views.

Well it appears the labels are not very happy about their artists being in a video promoting their biggest enemy making them look incredibly stupid, but as if that is not enough injury to their overblown yet fragile egos comes the news MegaUpload’s CEO is none other than Super Producer and Superstar Alicia Keyz Husband… Swizz Beatz.

Hilarious. The Entitlement Industry is having such a shitty shitty day.