Want To Join The Online Blackout Jan. 18th In Protest of SOPA/PIPA? WordPress Just Made it Easy

censorship Want To Join The Online Blackout Jan. 18th In Protest of SOPA/PIPA? Wordpress Just Made it Easy

As you may be aware some very large internet sites are planning a full blackout on Jan 18th to coincide with hearings in opposition of the Internet Blacklist bills SOPA and PIPA. Blacking out your entire website can be a chore but now it’s really easy with the creation of an Anti Censorship plugin.

“This plugin is essentially an “off switch” for your website. When activated, the site is mostly blacked out by a banner for the americancensorship.org website. As the admin bar is left uncovered, all that is needed to reverse this is deactivating the plugin. Join many other WordPress sites in protesting censorship legislation being considered by the US Congress!”

WordPress has come out strongly against these bills, for the first time ever speaking on a political matter because it “freaked them out” so bad. It really is that simple. It frustrates me the number of sheeple who think if they just sit quietly and don’t rock the boat nothing will happen to them. Until it happens to them. This is so much bigger than rap blogs, and when companies like WordPress speak out you are absolutely foolish to not pay attention.

Get the plugin here

Dajaz1 contemplated a full black out, but we’ve already been blacked out for an entire year. Instead we will have the congressional hearings streaming live and live blogging.